Bussines VPN and firewall

Bussines VPN

The VPN service enables secure remote access to the company’s IT systems, the connection of branches with the headquarters and with each other. It is a flexible and reliable solution for company communication, which is based on data transmission and enables easy and efficient connection of all company branches into a single private network.

The service is suitable for connecting local computer networks, applications or hosting centers with the possibility of combining data, voice, video and Internet communication within one connection.

A corporate VPN is widely used and beneficial when working from home, possibly from any location outside the office. Do you need to always have company data at hand, securely access the company network and at the same time move around the “world”? Then connecting via VPN is right for you.


The importance of the firewall as a basic building block of the security of any organization does not need to be emphasized.
We offer our customers a solution based on the top security technology platform FortiGate or WatchGuard from the world leaders in security solutions.

Key benefits

  • Protects against exploitation of known vulnerabilities, malicious software and malicious websites using 24/7/365 connectivity to FortiGuard cyber security labs
  • Using dynamic analysis, it detects unknown attacks, automatically blocks targeted attacks
  • Uses dozens of the most advanced protection elements of the new generation in real time
    We offer FortiGate in different license levels. You will be pleasantly surprised that highly effective protection of the company’s private environment from the pitfalls of the public Internet is affordable for every company.
  • Without initial investment and expertise, you get comprehensive corporate network security.

And that’s really worth the peace!

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Projekt "Vybudování a provoz datového centra Faster CZ spol. s r.o.," (číslo CZ.01.4.04/0.0/0.0/15_011/0001405) je spolufinancován Evropskou unií v rámci Operačního programu Podnikání a inovace pro konkurenceschopnost (OP PIK). Na základě žádosti o podporu ze dne 30.7.2015 byl projekt uznán Ministerstvem financí jako způsobilý k poskytnutí dotace na výstavbu datového centra.

Zahájení projektu: 1.9.2015

Ukončení projektu: 31.12.2018

Realizace projektu: Jarní 1064/44g, Maloměřice, 614 00 Brno.

Cílem projektu je vybudování a provoz nového ekologicky šetrného datového centra, které zvýší konkurenceschopnost firmy a kvalitu poskytovaných služeb, vytvoří nová specializovaná pracovní místa a rozšíří spolupráci s brněnskými vysokými školami.

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